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Reflectix® Double Reflective Double Bubble Insulation

Improving your home’s Envelope

Reflectix® Insulation is labeled as part of Energy Star® home Sealing. When instlled properly, Reflectix® helps ensure that homes stay comforatable and energy efficient all year long.

Nasax Reflectix Builder

Crawl Space R-21

Nasax Catheral Ceiling

Catheral Ceiling - Northern R-7.0 summer & R-1.0 Winter

Nasax Reflectix Catheral Ceiling

Catheral Ceiling - Southern R-6.0 Summer & R-2.0 Winter

Reflectix® is the Industry Leader!

We manufacture the highest quality, most extensively-tested, readily-available, reflective-based insulations and radiant barriers in the world! With Reflectix® products, there is no middleman. We are the manufacturer and we operate with and ISO 9001:2008 Certified Quality System. Our testing and validation requirements are second to none. Distribution of our products is worldwide through Do It Yourself Retailers, Contractor Sales Groups and Industrial/Commercial Building Products Suppliers.

Advantages of Reflectix® Products

Ease of installation and diversity of application are two major advantages. Reflectix® insulation and Radiant Barriers are very easy to handle and install. All that is required are simple hand tools and access to the installation area. Reflectix® products are some of the most diverse, energy conserving building materials available, with over verified applications for residences, industrial/commercial buildings and agricultural structures.

Reflectix® Pro Products

  • Reflectix® Double Reflective Insulation
  • Reflectix® Single
  • Reflective / White Insulation
  • Reflectix® Radient Barrier
  • Reflectix® Concrete Slab Insulation

Residential Pro Applications

Reflectix has wide variety of installation opetions for the Professional Residential Builder. Incerasing energy efficiency is a solid direction to build greater demand (and net pricing) for a new home in today’s highly competitive market.

  • Upgrade and focus on energy efficiency
  • Up-Sell the Structure
  • Increase Sales and Return
  • Pays Dividends to the New Owner for the life of the Home

Metal Buildings

Nasax Roofing Contractor Roof Leak Repair and Roof Maintenance

Reflectix has a variety of product and installation option for the Pro Metal Building Contractor. when it comes to ease of Product habdling and diversity, our Reflective Insulation Products are second to none. Please review the following information on Metal Building Applications. Additional questions can be addressed on our website or feel free to call our Customer Service Group at (800) 879-3645.

Metal Building Pro Applications

  • Reflectix® insulation – Reflective Both Sides
  • Reflectix® insulation – Reflective One Side

Post Frame Buildings

Nasax Reflectix Professional Residential Builder

Reflectix® Insulation has options foir the Post Frame Building Contractor. The “easy to install and handle” feature reduces the labor necessary to install, and provides an “itch free” installation experience. Please review the following information on Post Frame Building Applications. Additional questions can be addressed on our website or feel free to call our Customer Service Group at (800) 879-3645.

Post Frame Building Pro Applications

  • Reflectix® insulation – Reflective Both Sides
  • Reflectix® insulation – Reflective One Side

All tests on Reflectix® insulation products are performed at either nationally approved independent laboratories or at leading universities. Tests are performed to current Americian Society of Testing and Material (ASTM) Standards when a standard exists.

Testing results on our Reflective Insulation(Reflective/Bubble/Bubble Reflective) product are listed below. For any additional testing information for this product(or any other), please refer to our website at or feel free to call our Customer Service Group at (800) 879-3645.

Testing & Certifications

Testing and Certifications Documents

  • Thermal Performance ASTM C1363
  • Thermal Performance of wall ASTM C1363
  • Thermal Performance ASTM C335
  • Thermal Performance of Crawl Space ASTM C1363
  • Hot Surface Performance ASTM C411
  • Heat Transfer (Heal Flow Up, Down , Horizontal) ASTM C1363
  • Thermal Performance of Reflectix® and Fiberglassin Walls ASTM C1363
  • Heat transfer of Air-Handling Ducts with Reflectix®
  • Flame Spread and Smoke Density ASTM E84
  • Mounting Method ASTM E2599
  • Fungus Resistance Mil-Std 810B Method 508
  • Pliability Test
  • Tensile Strength