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NASAX is one of the best roof leakage repair specialists in Singapore. Our highly professional roofing contractors we make sure to check for all signs of water seepage other than the original spots noticed by our clients to ensure that they have a proper roofing system that will last for years.

Roof Waterproofing is a process of roof protection that involves applying waterproof materials to the roof. The roof is one of the most vital parts of any home and it should be protected with care. Roof waterproofing can help prevent water seepage and roof leakage, which not only leads to leaks but also significant structural damages. There are many ways to protect your roof from water seepage, including installing gutters and downspouts, replacing shingles when necessary and taking good care of your roof by performing regular maintenance tasks such as cleaning debris off before it becomes a problem.

The conventional way to waterproof a roof involves a waterproofing membrane that would act as a sort of barrier between any water and the building structure.

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How to Spot a Leaky Roof?

A leaky roof can wreak havoc on a home, as it is difficult and often costly to fix. The sources of most water leaks are hard to find because they originate away from where the water penetration shows up before eventually dripping through the ceiling or seeping under doors in other areas. However, there are methods for figuring out these sources by following what experts say which boils down to “thinking like water.” Water typically comes into homes through worn shingles; loose nails at intersections of roofs planes (typically caused by poor weather); corroded flashing around vents, skylights or chimneys; and poorly sealed corners between two sections of your roof that meet together without overlapping siding boards below them.

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You may not know that your roof is leaking until you see the damage it’s caused. That’s why, when a roof leakage starts to drip on furniture or other important items in your home, check for wetness along with the framing members above this area and go up into the attic with a flashlight during daylight hours—when leaks are more likely to occur! Step only on secure framing members, don’t put yourself at risk by stepping onto the insulation or topside of ceilings as neither will support you. Start above the place where the drip has occurred and work your way up the roof, looking for wetness along with the framing members.

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What are the causes of Roof Leakage?

When you have signs of water damage it is best to quickly find the cause in your roofing system. Obvious roof leakages are caused by holes in the roof. This can happen due to corrosion over time or when an object in your roof like an antenna or a satellite has been removed and not patched up correctly. Another common reason for a leaky roof is due to missing or damaged shingles. This can be due to gutter issues such as there being debris in the gutter.

While peaks and valleys on your roof add to a beautiful architectural design they also create a potential water entry. Another thing that can increase the chance of a roof leak is a shallow roof slope or a flat roof as the water can’t run off efficiently. Hiring a professional roofing contractor is very important because when vents and skylights aren’t installed properly they are not sealed or watertight. Also, be sure to look out for any water stains and cracks in the glass of any skylights.

In metal roofing, one thing to consider is damage to the roof flashings, which can happen when they are not installed correctly. When the attic is ventilated poorly or lacks proper insulation, such as extreme temperature changes, can add to the condensation which can cause water leaks inside the home as well as mould and mildew.

How long can you expect your roof to last after Roof leakage repair?

Roofs last a different amount of time depending on what type of roofing material is used. It is important to think about the long-term solutions when installing a roofing system. This is so that you can think about repair costs and make sure to have a cost-effective type of roofing. For example, normal asphalt shingles last less than 20 years, fibre cement shingles last around 25 years, slates, tile and metal roofing have a longer life of around 50 years. Damage and neglect could shorten your roof life.

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Benefits of Waterproofing Your Roof

Roof waterproofing is a great investment for your roof. Some benefits include reduced moisture infiltration, improved roof durability and roof life expectancy. Roof waterproofing also reduces air leaks as it seals any cracks on the roof sealant and roofing.

Types of Waterproofing provided

To ensure quality service for all our customers, we provide many different solutions for waterproofing their roofs and balconies. These waterproofing solutions are done with expert workmanship by our contractors.

We provide:

  1. Waterproofing of Clay Tiled roofs/ Metal roofs 
  2. Waterproofing Of R.C Flat Roofs / R.C. Gutter
  3. Wall Seepage And Re-Coating Of Roofs
  4. Replacement & Waterproofing Works Of Roofs Flashing / Capping
  5. Leaky Roof Fix/Repair
  6. Waterproofing contractor
  7. Waterproofing membrane

What is the cost of Waterproofing your roof in Singapore?

Roof maintenance should be long lasting, reliable, use the right materials, and fairly priced. Quality of material will be a worthwhile investment to protect your property from the elements. Cost of each project varies with the amount of work involved. Call us today for a fair quotation.


How much does it cost to fix roof leakage?

The cost of leaky roof fix depends on the area that needs to be repaired. Roof Leak can cause damage to your home or office, in addition to the high cost of water if the leak is left unattended. There are a number of things to consider if you are to ascertain the cost of fixing roof leakage.

What is the most common cause of roof leaks?

Leaks on roofs are very common. Some of the most common causes of roof leaks are:
1. Water issues – roof leak can also be caused by water issues. If the roof water leaKage is caused by water problems, it can be prevented by fixing the damaged areas.
2. Ice damming – ice damming can cause water damage to your ceiling.
3. Poor construction – a poorly built roof can also be a source of water seeping.
4. Natural disasters – if you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes or tornadoes, then you need to take special measures to protect your roof from water damage due to natural disasters.
5. Heavy snowfall – heavy snowfalls usually cause roof leaks.

Where do most roof leaks occur?

Most roof leaks occur at the fissures or cracks in the shingles. The cracks can be caused by debris, animal activity, improper installation, or water freezing in the cracks during the winter months. The leaks can also occur around nails or screws, the edges of skylights and vents, chimneys, etc.

Can I claim for leaking roof on insurance?

Yes, you can claim on the insurance policy. But the amount depends on the actual loss sustained, which is often determined by the amount you paid for the policy. You need to file a claim with the insurance company and get their approval. Also, getting the claim in the first place is not easy, since such claims are often very hard to prove.

Is there a tool to detect water leak?

Water leak detection tools can be categorized into two groups: Water leak detectors and water leak locators. Water leak detectors are standalone devices that are used to detect the presence of water based on the sound it makes. Water leakage locators, on the other hand, are used to pinpoint the exact location of the water leak. Both devices can be very useful in finding the water leakages in one’s house, but the decision on which works best for you depends on your preference and the severity of the problem.

How do you find a hidden water leak?

The easiest way to find a hidden leak is to use a water detector. A water detector is a device that detects the presence of water and alerts you with a loud alarm.

How does a plumber detect a leak?

Plumbers are experts in problem detection. They use their expert knowledge to diagnose the cause of the problem. There are many ways to find a leak. The most common way is to look for the wet patches on the walls and the ceiling. They also pick up the dripping noise. Sound is a faster way to detect a leak than looking for damp patches.