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Sometimes your roof might be too bad to repair with simple patchwork and tile replacement jobs. This is when it’s necessary to have the roof replaced as soon as possible before more damage can occur; replacing a roof will not be an easy task, but if this job doesn’t happen then you’ll only end up in worse shape later on! There are many different types of roof installation that we offer such as metal roofs, clay tile roofs, aluminium roofs, polycarbonate roofs, and skylights.

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Trusted Reroofing Services in Singapore Islandwide

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Roof replacement is not necessarily as expensive as you may think especially if you choose the right contractor for the job. Many homeowners tend to dismiss this option until they notice visible leaks or damaged ceiling boards inside their homes. Roof replacement requires a lot of work and materials, but when you hire a professional roofing contractor such as our team at NASAX for the job. NASAX offers one of the most trust re-roofing service in Singapore.

Trusted Re-Roofing Services in Singapore

Re-roofing needs to be planned carefully so that everything would go smoothly without encountering any problems along the way. We make sure that all the old roofing materials are removed properly, and the new ones are installed using durable materials. Roofs are usually made from several layers of construction material such as shingles or tiles, and some could also have solar panels installed for energy purposes.

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Types of Roofing

Metal Roofing

Installation of metal roofing demands a qualified worker as such a weighty metal sheet needs to be secured properly on top of your building’s frame or rafters. We offer multiple types of metal roofing for you to choose from like Trimdek, Kliplok, and Spande. Metal roofing doesn’t require regular repainting nor does it rot due to moisture, metal roofs are capable of withstanding any weather conditions imaginable and metal roofing can last up to 50 years.

Clay Tile Roofs

Clay Tile Roofing lasts about 100 years if taken care of properly and with the correct coating. The roof cost may cost more than other options but it can handle the sudden changes in the elements better than other types of roofing. We have a wide selection of clay tile roofing from Canada, Germany, and Spain, to name a few we have the Jungmeier, Bogener, Jacobi and, Dachziegerl.

Polycarbonate Roofs / Skylights

Polycarbonate Roofing and Skylights are clear roofs that protect your house from rain or sun and whatever mother nature might throw at it. Polycarbonate roofing is energy-efficient that reduces 150% of the heat coming into your home, resulting in lower utility costs as well. We also offer polycarbonate skylights which can be as effective in reducing heat and light into the house, skylights can also brighten up your living space as well.

Aluminium Composite Panel Roofs

Aluminium Composite Panel Roof reduces heat and helps keep your house cool not to mention they are tough and lightweight. They generally make the outside of the building darker than usual but it is so strong that it can withstand the wind without much damage and re-roofing takes the least time possible.

Timber Structure / Metal Structure

We re-roof structures with either a Timber Structure, Metal structure or mixture of both depending on what is best for our clients home. We re-roof their roof by carefully removing the old shingles, re-nailing new timber or steel support beams and installing the appropriate reroof materials that will match the look of your current building’s roof.

Timber Decking / Timber Fencing Works

We offer professional timber decking and timber fencing work to help make your balcony feel luxurious. We can take care of all that for you, giving you peace of mind that your timber work will be done well by professionals while keeping it within budget. With our expertise, we promise your deck and fence work will look stunning.

How much does it Cost to Re-roofing your roof in Singapore?

We believe re-roof should be long lasting, reliable, use the right materials, and fairly priced. It should also be done in time to avoid further damage. Quality of material will be a worthwhile investment to protect your property from the elements. Cost of each project varies with the amount of work involved.

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Signs that Roof needs to be Reinstalled

You may not know that your roof is leaking until you see the damage it’s caused. However, there are methods for figuring out these sources by following what experts say which boils down to “thinking like water.” Water typically comes into homes through worn shingles; loose nails at intersections of roofs planes (typically caused by poor weather); corroded flashing around vents, skylights or chimneys; and poorly sealed corners between two sections of your roof that meet together without overlapping siding boards below them.

When a leak starts to drip on furniture or other important items in your home, check for wetness along with the framing members above this area and work your way up to the roof. Step only on secure framing members, don’t put yourself at risk by stepping onto the insulation or topside of ceilings as neither will support you.

But in all safety, call in an expert like NASAX ROOFING CONSTRUCTION to do the full evaluation for you.