Building Contract Service

Started as a family run business, we have been undertaking minor and major renovation jobs and new constructions, for more than 35 years now. We maintain core strength of highly skilled direct workforces, we are committed to provide the most cost-effective but best quality service to your requirements.

We have an in-house and/or associates with capacities for complete Design and Build of residential dwelling units, both in Singapore and USA.

Upgrading of Singapore Landed Property

Upgrading of Industrial Factory in Loyang

Historic Conservation

Upgrading and Conservation of Historic Wesley Methodists Church, Singapore

Timber Decks, Wooded Cladding, Additional Bath And Beautifying Works To Convert A Boring Outdoor Space Into A Luxury Roof Garden

Nice Features Wall, Deck… Just About Any Thing We Make Are Gorgeous

This Used To Be A 3rd Floor Bedroom, Now Is A Kitchen, Dining And Living Room Space, Creation Of A Duplex Arrangement With Least Invasive Construction

Fish Pond, Water Features