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We offer a fully extensive painting service for both commercial and residential properties as well as timber fencing painting services, metal fence painting services, metal gate painting services and ceiling painting services. Painting any exterior or interior is an involved process that requires planning, preparation and expertise. Whether it be painting a shop frontage, a single room or an entire property, we can help. Whatever your project may be, we can help transform your property with minimum disruption.

NASAX ROOFING CONSTRUCTION is a trusted contractor when it comes to home services.
Our reliable and professional team listens to our customers and takes care of every detail to ensure satisfaction every time.

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Commercial Painting Services in Singapore

Commercial painters can help you with your industrial painting project whether it is an office building, warehouse or factory. Commercial painters are trained to paint the exterior of both new and existing buildings. Commercial painting services can also include interior, trim work or other special projects such as faux finish walls or ceilings. With years of experience, we know how to get it all done quickly while still providing you with an excellent job.

From the preparation stage and right through to packing away our tools at the end of the project, you can be assured of receiving the best quality painting service possible at a competitive price. We understand that every project is different and every client is different, so our open-minded and flexible approach as painters is essential in helping you make your ideas become reality.

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  • We take pride in what we do
  • We are reliable and value your time
  • We have integrity and do what is right for the customer every time

Singapore Residential Painting Services

Painting a home is often more involved than just brushing on some fresh coats of paint- it’s an investment. Our painting contractors are trained to paint the exterior of both new and existing homes. Residential painting services can also include interior, trim work or other special projects such as faux finish walls or ceilings. Our painting contractors are experienced painters and always leave our customers happy.

If you’re unsure about how to best choose a colour scheme or maybe just find it all a bit overwhelming, we are happy to help inspire. We can offer advice on colours, paint finishes, paint brands and can supply you with a variety of colour charts to help guide you along the way to your ideal end product.

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Quality Painting Materials and Project Management

All successful painting projects start with good preparation work. This is the time to complete all repair work and paint the surface. We use high-quality fillers, abrasives, caulk sealants, tools and equipment to ensure the best finish possible when the paint is eventually applied. When it comes to the painting process we recommend using the best paints you can afford. As is the case with many things, you get what you pay for and paint is no exception. A premium wall paint such as Little Greene emulsion will be infinitely better than the cheap tub of DIY superstore own brand paint in terms of coverage, toughness and depth of colour. The same thinking also applies to exterior work where your paintwork has to contend with the Singapore weather. A proven quality brand such as Sikkens XD can give you the reassurance you need, it gives a great finish and can significantly extend the lifetime of the painted area so it is well worth spending the little extra money on these better quality paints as you will benefit in the long run.

Landed Property Painting Service

Our reliable painters have plenty of experience with painting the exterior of landed properties. We help to bring life to our clients home with just a fresh coat of paint leaving our customers happy and their houses refreshed.

Painting Timber Fences

Painting timber fences is a great way to make your property more appealing. It is a great option to freshen up our clients home and helps make the property look brand new!

Painting Metal Gates

Painting metal gates can be a complicated business with all the intricate angles involved and can be quite messy but NASAX has years of experience and knows how to get the job done quickly while still providing you with an excellent finish.

Ceiling Painting Service

Painting ceilings can be a tricky business but our team of painters at NASAX have years of experience and know what’s needed for getting it done right! We make sure to be as non-intrusive as possible to our customers, so that they may get along in their daily lives whether it is at work or home.